Wednesday, March 28, 2012


                                      At First Everything Went Well Sixteen Eggs Were Recovered 13 Fertilized. I Was Counting On The Fresh Embryo Transfer Being Successful, But It Was Not, And Once Again We Had To Have Frozen Embryos Replaced. I Could Not Believe It When The Nurse Told Me To Go To The Ward To Have Two Embryos Replaced. They Had Survived. Once Again However, May Period Arrived With Precision Timing. Somehow, I Seem To Know That It Hasn’t Worked Within A Couple Of Days. Whether It Is Just Me Being Guarded And Preparing For Disappointment Again I Don’t Know. 
               It Is Not Four Days After My Forth Replacement This Time Round. I Am Not Feeling Particularly Confident, Because I Am Sure That The Very Second I Am Pregnant I Will Know. So, Here I Am. Trying To Eat A Sensible Diet And Still Reading Gynaecological Books To See If I Can Find An Improve Your Chances Of Embryos Sticking Around To Grow Into Babies Section.
               I Don’t Know What I’ll Do If We Never Manage http://www.childrencare7.blogspot.comTo Have A Baby. I Do Know That My Life Will Never Be Complete And That Nothing Will Ever Take Away The Pain. This Woman Describes The Physical And Emotional Pressures That Face Many Couples Undertaking Ivf Treatment. Only By Balancing These Pressures Against The Prospects For Success Can You Decide Whether Ivf Is The Right Option For You. This Chapter Looks At The Different Factors That Have To Be Taken Into Account, The Likely Chances Of Success, And Also The Various Sources Of Emotional And Physical Pressure. For Some Women Treatment Works First Time And Is Completely Trouble Free. For Most This Is Problems Will Enable You To Make An Informed Choice As To In A Baby, Find Another Form Of Involvement With Children Or Plan A Life Without Them.

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